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Acoustic Gardens


An exploration in interactive, inter-species, digital animism.

A Sovereign Nature


The historic use of the word sovereign betrays some of it’s divisive national past, this kind of dualist sovereignty is not what we should aim for. I advocate for nature as heritage and nature as people.

Acoustic Guardians


Web3 for a 'Sovereign Nature': Acoustic Ecology Creative Data-DAOs for Programmable Conservation. Experiments in encountering genius loci; the spirit of place, and representing genii data loci; spirits in place data.

Commoning Innovation: in Internet Interaction - Part 1


Report on innovation in instant messaging, internet interaction, and speculations on the future of instant messaging

Calm Tech: Push & Pull Messaging


Sending you a message without being bombarded by everybody else's thoughts.

Non-Linear Experiences


Expanding into the uncertainty of perceived experience are mental error bars on all digital digits of earthly ephemera.

Collective nourishment


I wonder how neighbour-hood scale, continuous versions of these temporary autonomous nourishment zones might operate like?

Unanswerable questions


I can identify at least 5 types of indirect question search: searching novelty, searching the subconscious, searching the body, searching elsewhere, and not searching at all.

Laying in the mud


Perhaps in a few years we'll all be laying in the mud.

Enduring real time common Vibes


Report on Innovation in instant messaging & encompassing internet interactions in general, speculations on the future of instant messaging

Council of All Beings - Sun


I evaporated, merged with the sun's rays, and reassembled upstream, to arrive at the roaring body of the sun itself. It was the sun I was to speak for.

Book Notes: The Hologram


Cassie Thornton stewards a prescient practice of social technology into existence here via The Hologram.

Neural Net Car Removal


Biophillic Vision - Experiment 1: Removing cars from our roads with neural networks.

Booknotes: Mastery


through comprehensive, analytical and active learning, consistent and bold experimentation, and steadfast, accepting perseverance.

World Summit A.I. 2017 Summary


A list of insights I took away from WSAI.